Attract Women

Attract Women. At one point in my life that I had six cats. That’s why I have a certain knowledge of cats. They are self-sufficient. They are aware of what they don’t like, know what they like, and how to achieve what they want and pursue it with a single-minded focus.


Attract Women


I had grown to enjoy cats a lot, even though I believed I was a dog lover when I was a kid. Some years ago, I suffered from depression and felt lost. This led to my spiritual awakening after the beloved Crumpet was hit by a vehicle. It was similar to the straw that broke the camel’s back because I was so unhappy and unhappy with my life at the moment, regardless of what I was doing academically or professionally.


The counseling sessions were all very similar; even though it was great to talk with someone, it wasn’t enough to get me out of the darkness. One day, I told that Counsellor, “I was so looking forward to seeing you and talking to you, that concerns me.” I wanted something durable and a vital aspect of my daily life. Through deep meditation on the local Japanese Buddhist temple, ShinnyoEn, I was able to open the way to my current spiritual liberation. I am forever grateful.


There is only one cat named Imperial Blue. I am very fond of him. Through our time together over the last 10 years, I’ve learned about the real significance of love. The love of a lifetime is unconditional and has no expectation.
In the mornings, Blue will wake me up and ask for breakfast. He will usually request two dishes and sometimes request a third or choose 1.

Attract Women
Attract Women

When we’re not with him in the mornings, my reptilian brain would instantly lead me to be afraid of the terrifying scenario. Based on what I’ve learned, the worst could be an option in the universe, as are numerous other possibilities. Thus, I’ve learned to think about the possibilities that I like I would like to see Blue simply strolling through and dragging his tail soaring to the sky like a flag.


I usually put food in the fridge like I always do, even if I cannot see him before leaving to work. On those mornings were late when he arrived while I was running, he walked straight to his food bowl and didn’t even a word and rushed out as if they were in search of a goal. I still love him.
He will sometimes go insane and wiggle his claws at me in a stroking session. I’m not holding grudges, and I still cherish him.


What do I get from him, if you inquire? I’m not sure how to describe it unless you’ve got cats. His presence, his purr, and his soft cuddles appear to be what made everything.
I believe this is the purest love you can give without having anything to exchange…

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