Let's Sing Along

Let’s Sing Along. Since I was a tiny child, I’ve been a lover of music! My dad had a gorgeous bass voice. He was a singer not only at church with his choir as well as the barbershop chorus but at the wheel and the home. We knew that he was around due to his cheerful whistling when he walked up or worked in the garden.


Let’s Sing Along


Dad was from a family that loved music. The majority of us were piano players, and there was rarely a gathering that didn’t conclude the night with a good old-fashioned song. Each song would usually end in laughter. It was great fun!
Music can be a powerful tool in bringing together people and evoking emotion. Certain songs can cause us to cry, while other songs inspire us to continue our journey.


It’s fascinating how great songs often include lyrics that speak to the current situation of the writer and the current situation at the moment. Some songs talk about pain, love, or even pain – relatable themes.
Connie Kaldor, a well-known folk singer, has written several songs for the prairie. I recall her telling a story about her struggles with writing songs when she was happy. In a jolly way, she said, “Because of this, I always keep a messed up girlfriend in my life so that I have material.” However, not all songs are inspired by tragic events.

Let's Sing Along
Let’s Sing Along

The world has provided unique experiences that we could apply in the form of music writers. Certain times would have ballads, whereas others would result in silly Jingles. There were instances of polkas as well as occasions for the waltzes. We could sing about the loss with reverence or shout words to show loyalty. There may be rap and, on other occasions, symphonies.


One of my favorite performers was Mamma Cass Eliott. In 2010, she released an album with a huge success titled “Make Your Kind of Music.” The lyrics remind us that we are given the ability and freedom to choose our path. It’s not about what happens to us but what we do with it, more importantly. The song’s lyrics say:


You’ll have to create your music
Sing your favorite tune
Make your unique music
Even if everyone else doesn’t sing to it
There are times when you’ll be so different that other people won’t be on the same sheet. You might even get an odd look or unwelcome suggestions. Sometimes, you’ll react with optimism when others expect despair. You decide what to do.


Remember that you can make a song and a life that makes your heartbeat while your foot taps.
It’s great to sing along with other people at times, but it’s important to be sure to balance it with the wonderful and amazing tune that’s solely yours.
Every day gives you a chance to sing your song.

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