Pull Out Your Superpower

Out Your Superpower. It can be difficult to find the courage to continue in the struggle to recover from the long, arduous months of the disease. There’s more than just the continuously changing COVID guidelines, our working conditions and our financial situation, and our living situations, which for many of us, keep changing and evolving. Sometimes, they disappear. Then there are the ongoing tensions of family life when kids have to (or do not) attend school, either via the web or face-to-face. It isn’t easy to maintain any stable routine, regardless of whether you have five children or none or are single.


Out Your Superpower


Factor in the climate crises – hot/cold/fires/hurricanes/floods – and the political/social chaos pretty much everywhere in the world, and it’s enough to make even the strongest among us want to crawl down to the bottom of the bed under the covers and stay there until it’s all over. That’s in the present extremely unlikely…
Then pull the superpower out of you. Yeah, right, uh-huh. As if leaping over tall buildings in one bound or throwing a blast of white light can make a difference for you. But it’s not what a superpower is. A Superpower could be something else. Let me provide an example as an explanation.

Out Your Superpower

Debbie Hall (17) is a victim of a rare chromosome anomaly that at one point appeared to cause him to be unable to walk or speak. Despite the challenges Sebbie faces with learning and, in particular, the difficulty of finding words, he’s an ordinary English teenager in numerous ways. Saddened that his best friend could not talk to him when the epidemic began, Sebbie wanted to give his friend an iPad. Sebbie’s mother came up with a better idea and suggested that he raise money for his friend so that he, and others like him, can get the help they require in these difficult times.


But how do you know? Sebbie’s not famous, doesn’t possess a distinctive musical talent or another talent, and has a disability that can make getting to know people difficult. However, Sebbie realized that “I can be kind,” and, to date, Sebbie has completed more than 1,600 acts of goodness, from taking care of pets at the house to washing cars to handing out PPE and coats to homeless people and even collecting abandoned Halloween pumpkins, so they could be made into soup and pie to help the poor. That, Sebbie declared, was his superpower was kindness. Thanks to this, Sebbie has raised via crowdfunding around $39,000 to assist people in need.


What is your superpower? I’m sure I have my appreciation. When I discovered the ability of appreciation and realized that I could appreciate something, anywhere, anytime, and at any point, no matter what else was happening within my own life, I realized I could do it. It is my superpower. Although I’m not able to jump over tall buildings using it, I can admire tall buildings and the people who can leap. Making an effort to appreciate regardless of what is what has saved me and the act of appreciating people with purpose has brought a smile to the faces of many.


What do you think? What superpower would you like to be able to claim for yourself? You might be surprised by what you discover and how amazing being able to declare – and then using the superpower you have.

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